Sonoran Desert Region Flora

Administradores de Proyectos: Mark Dimmitt (Arizona Sonora Desert Museum)
The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum interprets what it calls the Sonoran Desert Region, which we define as the Sonoran Desert plus all of its included and contiguous biotic communities. (All eight of the world's biomes are represented in our region.) Geographically, this flora includes all of Sonora and the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico (including the Gulf of California and its islands), Arizona roughly south of the Mogollon Rim, and California roughly south of Interstate 40. Pacific islands close to the Baja California coast (e.g., Cedros but not Guadalupe) are also included. The region technically includes most of Sinaloa, Mexico, but plants that have been recorded in this region only from Sinaloa are not included in the present flora. A few plants that have been recorded only in Chihuahua close to the Sonoran border are included.
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