Montana State University - Northern Herbarium (MSUNH)

Specializing in flora of the north central and eastern plains of Montana, the Montana State University Northern Herbarium represents a new repository for plants growing in the diverse habitats associated with this geographical area. In addition to grass- and shrub lands, we house specimen vouchers from localized mountain areas that rise above the plains (e.g., Sweetgrass Hills, Bears Paw and Little Belt Mountains). Plants collected from prairie potholes and limestone outcrops, as well as those from cottonwood dominated riparian areas and gumbo bluffs associated with the Missouri River Breaks, are included in the collection. Voucher age ranges from the early 1900’s to the present and some of these represent plants collected from more well-known regions, e.g., Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, and Glacier National Parks.

Contactos: Terri Hildebrand,
Tipo de Colección: Preserved Specimens
Administración: Datos en vivo administrados directamente dentro del portal de datos
Identificador único Global: 15e7071a-2ae5-4b11-8282-96e34aca6056
Metadata Digital: EML File
Propietario de Derechos: Montana State University - Northern
Estadísticas de Colección
  • 1,493 registros de especímenes
  • 136 (9%) georeferenciado
  • 1,436 (96%) identificado a las especies
  • 90 familias
  • 363 géneros
  • 689 especies
  • 727 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
Estadísticas Extras
Distribución de Taxon
Distribución de Taxon