Seney National Wildlife Refuge (SENEY)

This herbarium represents an integral part of the history of the Seney National Wildlife Refuge. The first specimens in the collection date back to 1940. Since then, hundreds of plants have been collected, pressed, mounted, identified, and labeled by over 20 people with an interest in the vegetation of the Refuge. In 1964, Professor Edward G. Voss, a nationally recognized systematic botanist from the University of Michigan, examined the existing plant collection and made many corrections. New specimens (from 2010 onward) were verified by Dr. Anton Reznicek (University of Michigan Herbarium).
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Seney National Wildlife Refuge
1674 Refuge Entrance Rd.
Seney, Michigan   49883
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  • 742 (100%) con imágenes (742 imágenes en total)
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  • 94 familias
  • 247 géneros
  • 458 especies
  • 473 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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