Biblioteca USON - Preliminary Flora of the Lower Río Bavispe Valley, Sonora, Mexico
Autores: Thomas R. Van Devender, Ana L. Reina-Guerrero, José Jesús Sánchez-Escalante
Resumen: The flora of the lower Río Bavispe Valley from the Huásabas area south to the Río Áros at 430 to 1510 m elevations was studied from 1995 to 2016. The dominant vegetation at lower elevations is foothills thornscrub with desert grassland at the upper elevations, and riparian deciduous forest along the Río Bavispe and its tributaries. A total of 401 plant taxa in 74 families and 274 genera were recorded in the lower Río Bavispe Valley study area, including 24 non-native species (6.0%). The families with the most species were Asteraceae (50), Fabaceae (50), Poaceae (42), Euphorbiaceae (20), Malvaceae (19), Cactaceae (13), Solanaceae (15), and Pteridaceae (11), representing 54.9% of the flora. The genera with the most species were Acacia (8), Bouteloua (7), Euphorbia (6), Quercus (6), Boerhavia (5), Muhlenbergia (5), and Opuntia (5).

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Familias: 78
Géneros: 267
Especies: 397
Total de Taxa (detalles): 399

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